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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming should be done by trained professionals that practice the ISA standards. Trimming helps to ensure safety, and it promotes the health of the tree while maintaining its beauty. Proper pruning promotes proper healing and ensures the health of your trees. At Treecology our Arborists are committed to an ongoing education to better understand all tree care needs.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be very dangerous without the proper equipment and personnel. There are many hazards such as power lines, houses, fences, and bodily injury, so only use proven tree care professionals. Call Treecology for all of your tree removal and stump grinding needs. We also offer crane service for very large or hazardous tree removal. Most tree removal requires a permit and we will walk you through this process and, or take complete care of it.

Tree Pruning

Improper pruning can make the trees weak in the branch structure, wrong cuts will not heal properly and will cause a lot of suckers, or water shoots, to grow and divert energy from the areas of the tree that need it the most. Oak trees should be pruned from April through October, other trees will vary.

Dead Wooding

Dead wood can be very dangerous when falling. Trimming dead wood from your trees keeps you and your property much safer and looking much better.

Stump Grinding and Root Removal Service

Treecology offers stump grinding as part of the tree removal process. We can remove all stumps large or small. Stump grinding after tree removal is recommended to stop root growth and rejuvenation also to make replanting possible. In some cases there may be a time period you have to wait before replanting in the same place or even soil extraction and replacement.

Small and Large Hazardous Limb Removal

From time to time limbs may have to be removed because they become hazardous like those hanging too close to your house, over a power line, or a weak and rotted limb.

Free Assessment and Written Estimate

Upon calling Treecology we will provide you with a complete tree assessment as per your needs, as well as a free written estimate. At Treecology our staff understands that the health and visual appeal of your trees will add to the value of your home and or business. You will benefit from our attention to detail and our commitment to excellent customer service at Treecology.

General Tree Care

At Treecology we offer our skills, professional equipment and our attention to detail when taking care of your tree service and landscape needs. We are oak tree specialists and can turn any tree trimming into a work of art! We are proud to be the only Arborist and tree service that you will ever have to call.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergency service for wind damage, trees falling or lightning; we will respond any hour of the day or night to ensure your safety.

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